Pomperaug District Department of Health

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

The Pomperaug Health District continuously participates in emergency preparedness efforts, on a local, regional, and state level. Our emergency preparedness team receives training through the CT State Dept of Health, as well as CT Dept. of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. Training encompasses everything from a cutting-edge web-based emergency operations center to full-scale drills and exercises. The District relies heavily on grant funding in order to fulfill the vital functions of Public Health Readiness and Emergency Preparedness.

Pomperaug Health District’s long-range efforts have shifted somewhat from Smallpox Planning to a more “all-hazard” type of preparation. Working in collaboration with Local Emergency Planning Committees in Oxford, Southbury, and Woodbury, the Health District plans for a broad range of emergency situations, including natural disasters, catastrophic events, disease outbreaks, and acts of terrorism. A major component of Pomperaug’s comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan involves the mass dispensing of antibiotics, antivirals or vaccines in response to a public health threat. Toward that end, we have stockpiled enough medical and ancillary supplies to equip a mass dispensing clinic on 24 hours notice.

The District’s Health Alert Network (HAN) is perpetually updated, as it serves as Pomperaug’s primary means of communication during a public health emergency. This network (email and fax) database contains five major categories: government officials, physicians, first responders/EMS, school officials, and a supplementary category, which includes everyone from media contacts and pharmacists to funeral home directors and nursing home administrators. Equally important, the HAN serves as an invaluable tool when we need to enlist the services of our esteemed volunteers. The Health District is fortunate to have a dedicated team of medical and non-medical volunteers, who assist with everything from data entry to annual flu clinics. We are constantly looking to bolster this team; if you are interested in joining us, please download and submit the Volunteer Application form (right) or call (203) 264-9616.